A stay at the Inn at Pineapple Villas on Laguna Beach in Panama City Beach will be a vacation your pet will appreciate. Your pets are our guests too and we'll strive to make them feel like they are on vacation as well! All of our rooms at Pineapple Villas accept pets. There is a “pet fee” added to your room fee to cover the additional costs in cleaning. We deep clean each room after a pet has been in it to insure the highest standards of cleanliness for all our guests.

Pineapple Villas Pet Policy

For Guests with Dogs and Pets:

Pineapple Villas warmly welcomes your pets as treasured guests.  Your pets are our guests too and we'll strive to make them feel like they are on vacation as well! We do ask that pets be under the owner's control at all times.


$50 per pet 30 lbs. and under, 2 pet maximum

$75 per pet, 65 lbs. and under, 2 pet maximum

This is a per stay (not per night fee) and is not refundable. 

It covers the costs of deep cleaning a room after a pet stay including carpet shampooing to remove any allergens.  There is a maximum of two pets per unit unless special permission by management is granted. Guests keeping pets in units without approval will be charged $100 per night plus the cost to repair any damages that occur.

For the enjoyment and safety of all guests, your pet must be under your control at all times.  We ask that you acknowledge and agree to the following requirements for guests with pets staying at the Inn: 

  • My pet is not aggressive, is well domesticated, and socializes well with people and other animals.
  • My pet has current vaccinations and is free of ticks or fleas.
  • My pet will be with me and under my control at all times and I will remove my pet from the room during Housekeeping service.
  • No pets are allowed unattended in the room after 8pm.  If I leave my pet unattended in the room I will be responsible for all damage or disturbance caused. I acknowledge that I may be fined up to $100 because of disturbance caused to another guest by my pet (i.e. barking, whining).
  • I will clean up after my pet and dispose of the waste in the designated receptacles provided on the grounds of Pineapple Villas.
  • I will immediately notify the Pineapple Villas staff of any pet “accidents” and request special cleaning services. 
  • I will not allow my pet on the furniture if wet.
  • If my pet becomes objectionable to any person at Pineapple Villas, and a mutually acceptable resolution cannot be met, I agree to promptly remove my pet from the premises.
  • I understand that I will be assessed a pet fee for my stay.  Additionally, I will assume financial responsibility for any damage caused by my pet during my stay.

Pineapple Villas Newly Renovated Dog Walk!




Panama City Beach's is Pet-Friendly!

Dog lovers, have no fear! Panama City Beach is pooch-friendly, with multiple spots available for you to frolic with your furry friends! With plenty of pet friendly accommodations available, bring the dogs along and make it a vacation for everyone in the family, four-legged or two.

Frank Brown Park has two pup-friendly areas. A fenced in playground is available where dogs can run leash-free, as well as 1.5 miles of dog-friendly trails and greenways.

Doggie Beach is located across from Pier Park and west of the City Pier. The 400 foot beach is open to dogs on leashes, and they love strolling the beach and enjoying the waves in Panama City Beach!

In addition, Aaron Bessant Park (next to Pier Park) is pet-friendly, and many people love strolling in the green grass and bright sunshine with their leashed canines in tow. The park also offers a lovely grass amphitheater which plays host to a “Summer Concert Series” on Thursday nights. Dogs are welcome to these events, too!


Pier Park in Panama City Beach, the outdoor shopping mall, is also pet-friendly. Ron Jon’s Surf Shop allows dogs inside that can be carried. Otherwise, dogs are not allowed inside stores or restaurants, but are allowed to stroll the streets on leashes with their owners.


Please remember to clean up after your dogs! Waste bags are available for public use at all of the above locations. And check with your pet-friendly accommodations about other places to take your furry family members.


As mentioned above, Doggie Beach has rules, of course, that must be followed if we are to retain this wonderful access. They include staying within the dog beach boundary, ALWAYS picking up after your dog, and using a leash. You can also download a PDF of Bay Families with Dogs' Mainland Dog Beach Brochure, with a location map of the beach and a list of the dog beach rules that you can carry with you!


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